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Shoulder Press Yoga Pose

  • Squat with your feet a little less than shoulder width apart, knees wide. 
  • Tilt your torso forward between your inner thighs. Keep your torso low, raise your hips until your thighs become close to parallel to the floor. 
  • Tuck your upper left arm and shoulder as much as possible under the back of your left thigh just above the knee, and place your left hand on the floor at the outside edge of your left foot, fingers pointing forward. Then repeat on the right. As you do this the upper part of your back will round. 
  • Press your inner hands firmly against the floor and slowly begin to rock your weight back, off your feet and onto your hands. As you straighten your arms, your feet will lift lightly off floor, not by raw strength but by carefully shifting your center of gravity.

  • Squeeze your outer arms with your inner thighs, and cross your right ankle over your left ankle. Look straight ahead. Hold for 30 seconds, then bend your elbows and lightly release your feet back to the floor with an exhale. 
  • Repeat the pose a second time with the left ankle on top.


  1. Mmmm! Thank you. Off to try it with the pleasant music in the background. Don't know that I'll end up anywhere near the picture but it's all in the try anyway. ~M

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