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A Friendship Prayer

No matter how you pray, the importance of prayer goes without saying.
As you bring your body to rest and focus on prayer you support your body and mind's state of well being. 
A prayer for yourself or for others opens your heart to receive blessings and to speak directly to your maker. 

Friendship Prayer by Katherine Corrigan

A prayer for you my friend.
I bow my head and ask our
Lord and Savior to bless you.
To send his angels to watch over you.
To keep you strong and balanced.
I asked him to wrap his love around you.
To dry your tears.
To lift your heart.
To bring his joy upon you.
To provide light when you are in the dark.
To guide you when you have lost your way.
To remind you, that you, are loved.
I bow my head and gratefully  say
Thank you
For our Friendship.


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